Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


i spent 5 bucks on mtga for the starer pack and still haven’t used the gems for drafting or anything. i played completely f2p through the closed beta and had a two or three solid t2/t3 decks i could just fuck around with when i got bored. i had the t1 red aggro deck before a bunch of the sets rotated out for ravnica that was super fun to run too.


Fallout 76 allows basement dwellers to be vault dwellers.


I’m currently at 28k gold and 4.3k gems just FTP, doing quests with the decks they give and just DUMPSTERING people in the gold-buyin draft mode.

I also dug up my MTGO login, updated it to new email/password, and found out it’s worth 100 dollars/(tickets) with what cards it has and it has 20 event tickets and 210 play points (21 tickets). I found a ton of the commons and uncommons for the pro tour winning standard deck on a free bot which literally just handed me 64 cards for free. I’m considering buying the rest of the cards and slamming my face into the MTGO comp leagues for standard until I’m out of event tickets/points.

oh god I’m getting into magic again send help


i mean if you can make a little scratch off it go for it my dude. mtgo is just super competitive because it’s all pros/hardcore gamers. good luck.


Played Return of the Obra Dinn with the fam tonight, we all got way more sucked in than expected. Strong recommend.



Egypt was hella preppy


Egyptians were goth af


James Bond was a Icelander that fathered the British and American spy network.

A Icelander fathered the play station, he told sony that they must sell the gaming machine low and the games high.

A Icelander fathered the modern electrical grid. The US army tok 11 patents from him, deemed to good to fall into enemy hands.

Some say a Icelander is the architect of the modern civilization.


Funfact:Winnipeg Falcons.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, this is a good leader and I hope the dems train her to pander to the crowds like Trump. You might have a winner there dems. Dont blow it.


getting horny over the thought of free phantom drafts in artifact


Propaganda,if you want to control the world. Having a Icelander by your side is not the worst idea.


Just insane enuff to want to, benign enuff to speak to all races. Glory rather then cash motivates us.


Cash is sweet though.


Make Iraq Great Again


finally pulled the trigger on wildcarding a deck in MTGA, but I couldn’t wildcard the sideboard so I’m doing the best of 1 format

am I a real MTGer now?


that’s pretty good my dude. i’m impressed.


J Mac having a normal one


Am I an idiot for wanting one?