Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


So far my record is:
For a total of 20-11 in the best of 1 mode. After spamming this deck so much I’m starting to get pre-sideboarded in the best of one mode. hahahahahah


Nuclear take detected


We have reached peak America


I remember when Anti-Vaxers tried to sit-in at my local diner. We told them the table was covered in preventable illnesses. They called us Autistic Cucks.

I wonder what Martin Luther King would have said had that experimental bullet vaccine not taken his life.


Luther would say “why is everybody retarded now”.


McAfee is a God.


Got 2 tattoos today. Left arm is the “key of life”. Egypt symbol that the kings used and Christians used the first few centuries as their cross. So Jesus on the outside. The right hand is Mjölnir under my skin, only used if provoked. 5 hours it took for both.

$500, I am happy, now only 1 left. The Valkyrie on my right calf. No more for now. Wanted to finish these tats before I go to Spain.


My artist is working on it, 11 des is my next appointment.


She says its gonna be epic. I am trying to be a team player, so I am sharing my life with you.

No buttmad please and calm down. You are not retarded, it was a joke.


You could try it too, lessen the death threats to under 50 per day would be nice.


Nice :+1:


Happy good vibes and love are coming from me.


Look out for sun burn when you go to Spain


Yea, sun cream is a must.


I have played Red dead for 80 hours prob and I have 54,9% completion. This new gfx engine that built from ground up to utilize modern gpu standards is sight to behold.



Looks like I am getting the xbox one x for christmas, 6 gigaflops against sony 4 gigaflops does show.
True 4k really shows on this game. Still, the pro is breath taking as well. Horizon zero dawn works better then Red dead on the pro. Have the best of all worlds. Get platform exclusive on both machines.


Still cheaper then a mediocre pc. Payed $2500 for my pc 5 years ago.


hmmm, gonna stop smoking. I will get the xbox one x for free in month. Sounds like plan.


Shit, I snorted more speed in the last 2 weeks then the price of the xbox.