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As for drugs, Heroin is the real killer. You use it and build up a tolerance. Stop using it for some time, then start using again. The first doze you use is what you used when you had high tolerance, which is way to high for a sober person. You stop breathing and die.



Extremely average McAfee posting



Fox News told me the Pig Fucker Society are AntiFa cop killers. MSNBC told me they are barbecue enthusiasts. The BBC told me they fucked pigs.

Thanks 2018.


Jesus Christ! Don’t do that much speed.


Am an old punker, ask me about good outcomes WRT drug use.


valve write comic. me like comic. (and i don’t even know or care any dota lore shit)


lmao dota lore


dota lore is like a worse mortal combat lore


Checks out


Starting to panic about buying gifts for Christmas. I’ve thought of nothing and I’m all out of ideas.


I wanted to get my gf some nice boots but she said they were too expensive and made me promise not to get them. Now I want to torpedo Christmas with shitty gifts but I also love Christmas and know at heart I can’t do that but still mad thanks for reading my blog


My family went gifts only for the children about 15 years ago (at least me and my wife anyways.)

Let me tell you, Christmas is so much better when you only need to worry about bringing quality dim sum and beer home for the holidays. I cannot recommend it more.


Shoes are in my room 3 favourite things ever

Also whenever a woman says it’s too expensive and you shouldn’t you definitely should



So in case anybody was hoping that climate cataclysm was only going to make coastal areas uninhabitable, the Camp Fire “scar” just got hit with flash floods and mudslides




man i love left over chinese food at like 3 AM. that’s my shit. i don’t even have to be drunk to go ham on some cold lo mein.