Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Played some Alpha Protocol

For years people have been like “yeah the gameplay is bad but the narrative systems are great”

lmao the game plays bad and the narrative stuff is total horseshit, can’t believe they wanted me to get into this


definitely a “you had to play it 10 years ago” game


I tried to play Path of Exile tonight and LMAO it fucking sucks

How can shitty games be SO bad at communicating their systems

It’s gotten so much worse since its introduction _


You explained it once.

That is really the end of it.


Once your in games long enough you’ll understand


Maybe try getting good?


I know my limits.


Just reminded me of this


Also Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is real good


hell yeah it is

just finished part 1 last night





if you like sabrina you will like riverdale. i will die on this hill.


I’ve been meaning to but I’ve heard a lot more about Sabrina than Riverdale


OK Zulu it’s December that means Santa Avatars.


Alright because I am bad at photoshop could somebody please Xmasfy this


Santa hat avatar is a GO


I was going to ask someone for a Christmas avi then remembered I’m literally a graphics professional, I’m just a lazy piece of shit


Same. Except I’m not a graphics professional.


same except i don’t participate in forum gimmicks.


unless that gimmick is shitposting