Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


It’s not a gimmick it’s a lifestyle


Tumblr banning “adult content” is sort of like the UFC banning weird tattoos


I can’t find my Santa Hat Macho Man.


I have this in my avatars folder.


It’s a Christmas Miracle!


I honestly don’t see Tumblr surviving this


Yeah its fuckin’ over for Tumblr
I wonder where they will all go next lol


The announcement is a really weird read, too. They start off talking about child porn, which seems like just an obnoxious attempt to be manipulative. And they never admit the obvious, that this is about making the site more palatable to advertisers.


Talk about not understanding your own business.


Important update.

The latest BattleTech update has, I think, finally put the game in the sweet spot. You can play career mode now, which is just a merc sim, no boring main story. That also means you aren’t handed LosTech on a platter and given regular missions with huge payouts. Playing with everything on default except enemy force strength on hard, it’s good fun. Funds and upgrades and repairs and injuries all feel impactful. Oh, they also redid a bunch of the skills, which makes the gameplay better. Bulwark now boosts the damage reduction you get from cover or being guarded so the winning strategy is no longer “stand still and click guns.”

My current lance is crap. Vindicator x2, Trebuchet, Enforcer. Just completed a wolverine, which should help. I had a hatchetman, but scrapped it after it took too much damage. It’s an utter dogshit chassis. Dedicated melee mech with no support slots and it’s slow as fuck.



people seem to be much happier despite the game already being really good so i guess good developer do still exist.


You might be an alcoholic if


I understand not wearing a shirt in your kitchen.
I understand pouring yourself 8 fingers of gin in the middle of the afternoon.
I can understand the sunglasses, particularly in light of the 8 fingers of gin.

Why are you wearing a handgun in your own kitchen?


M[quote=“hilmar, post:3659, topic:32, full:true”]
You might be an alcoholic if

Me? Worried about the SEC? I have openly, publicly and in the media ridiculed that corrupt, puss filled, bile dripping abcess on the fabric of America. Come for me SEC. I will, in every media outlet in this country, rip you a new asshole worthy of parking a tractor trailer in.

He is a splendid gentleman.


I would be pretty surprised if McAfee was still an officer in any publicly traded company, so it is a pretty empty boast.

Alternatively, imagine the publicly traded company that looked at that and wanted a piece…


True, still. He and I have special bond. We tend to light things on fire.


I should also introduce my campaign manager - @ Loggiaonfire . Brilliant, effective, creative, diabolical. Never sure which way the wind blows with him. I refer you volunteers to him. Unclear whether he responds, or ignores you and instead strong arms some unfortunate stranger.

His account is hilarious.


McAfee for prez 2020.


Could you guys make a little hat for my girl. Jólahatt.