Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Seems the PS 4 pro has gotten some love in red dead patches, tessellation seems to work better. More like the xbox one x now.

(Hint: tessellation data is of much lower size than the geometry data it generates.)


i want a rdr2 pc port :frowning:



all of my same


Since number 1 never came to pc, dont hold your breath.


Sometimes The Danes switch to Icelandic pilots when taking royalty to Greenland. Fjord and crazy winds is not for a beginner pilot. My grand father used fly over war zones. Landing with 10 bullet holes on the hull was the norm.


The feminist are screaming toxic male and shit.

These guys have nothing to do with male honor nor male attitude. They are just a bunch shitheads that got drunk and made complete assholes of themselves. The words they used I even shake head over these dirt bags.


Yes I am airing our dirty laundry to the world.


Come and get me.


DL Farcry 5 again to see what the pc can do. I can run it 1080p and the tv upscales it to 4k and HDR to boot. I find fires are better on the pc, but texture wise the PS 4 pro is on another level. Red dead that is. Lighting and volumetric fog much better. Shadows and greenery are much more real like.
If RdR2 is a 10, Farcry 5 is a 8. Farcry hovers around 30 fps with all the goodies turned on.


My LG 55 inch is such good monitor. Farcry looks much better on it.


this is wild


I never was, am always to be. No one ever saw me, nor ever will, and yet, I am the confidence of all who live and breathe. What am I?


my sex life




Found a cool mecha vid, thought of you bdd.


My artist is working on my calf tattoo. Its gonna be all over my right behind calf. She has to do the shadows very well indeed. 6 hours at least to do it.


The answer to the riddle is “tomorrow.”

Thought you guys would have it in the end.




good, the last thing you need is another fucking video game


hard truth