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There are ages in which the rational man and the intuitive man stand side by side, the one in fear of intuition, the other with scorn for abstraction. The latter is just as irrational as the former is inartistic. They both desire to rule over life: the former, by knowing how to meet his principle needs by means of foresight, prudence, and regularity; the latter, by disregarding these needs and, as an “overjoyed hero,” counting as real only that life which has been disguised as illusion and beauty…

The man who is guided by concepts and abstractions only succeeds by such means in warding off misfortune, without ever gaining any happiness for himself from these abstractions. And while he aims for the greatest possible freedom from pain, the intuitive man, standing in the midst of a culture, already reaps from his intuition a harvest of continually inflowing illumination, cheer, and redemption — in addition to obtaining a defense against misfortune. To be sure, he suffers more intensely, when he suffers; he even suffers more frequently, since he does not understand how to learn from experience and keeps falling over and over again into the same ditch.

He is then just as irrational in sorrow as he is in happiness: he cries aloud and will not be consoled. How differently the stoical man who learns from experience and governs himself by concepts is affected by the same misfortunes!

This man, who at other times seeks nothing but sincerity, truth, freedom from deception, and protection against ensnaring surprise attacks, now executes a masterpiece of deception: he executes his masterpiece of deception in misfortune, as the other type of man executes his in times of happiness. He wears no quivering and changeable human face, but, as it were, a mask with dignified, symmetrical features. He does not cry; he does not even alter his voice.

When a real storm cloud thunders above him, he wraps himself in his cloak, and with slow steps he walks from beneath it.



I just started on Riverdale and it’s also pretty good


Nietzsche is not my fav, but has some insights.

We have a world soul, vibrating in sink in peace, vibrating in chaos in war. Sometimes you have to vibrate with it, sometimes you have to vibrate in such a away that the whole world soul changes its vibrations.


Good or bad energy is what causes the strings to vibrate. Only love will harmonies the strings, hate will always lose in the end.


The hippies had it al along. Its all about the vibes man.


Getting tattoos is like getting a addiction. You want more and more. Was thinking about a small jin/jang dragon vector tat.



very true, it is addictive



The woman that taped the congress men might get sued. Look at the pic of her. She is safe. The men would have to leave the country if they tried.


In a perfect world, I would get 5 billion in lottery. Go to America and take 20 of the most pretty singers and then 20 of the smartest women. Go up to Canada and make a free state. We would live like amish mormons. Pay no taxes and we would be armed to send the message that you have no bissness here. We would make music for cash and save the world by inventing new medicine.


No its not a cult, I would be called Father tho. Teaching good energy.


not a cult, just good clean Viking living


Average work week with J Mac


Wow one of the twins from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody plays Jughead


Definitely serious players.



If the dream comes true, I will be known in the new world as Chris the Canadian Moose King. I will be known in the old world still as Gluteus Maximus.


Sorry girlfriend but if you don’t have thick glutes you can’t have that title


My glutes are my best feature. Grills comment on it many times as very cute.