Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Gonna channel my mania into bodybuilding and stop smoking. Being fat and bald is not inn with ladies.




25 was pretty good for me I think - oh wait no it wasn’t I was broke and my greatest achievement was FCing for Spaceship Samurai


I forgot you even played Eve


sorry ingen i haven’t been watching KSL but i’m watching the finals right now.


i’m also really sad to find out angrytestie is like an alt-lite dipshit. his twitter is nothing but retweeted jordan peterson videos and antagonistic homophobic slur filled @replies to “sjw’s”.


I haven’t watched this season, actually. I am Jack’s raging hypocrisy.


The strangest thing happened to day. Jehovah witness rang my bell and asked to talk. Usually I say no, but today I was in pretty good mod. I invited him in for discussion. He read some passage from the bible about brotherly love between humans and went on saying only God had the power to make DNA. I was at my friendliness and at started debiting about good and bad energy and Jesus was a hippy punk communist Jew. He was surprised I think, usually they get a straight no and told to never come again.

I think he was sent to me to get me to act better and show love to other people. I said would try and I sent good wishes to the people that sent him. I was a bit naughty last night with my rock and roll.

I think I maid some people worried, also the christian community knows who I am. For many reasons I will not go into.



super hungover


Below from Capybara Games finally (and suddenly) came out and it’s got a really strong start. This is exactly my shit.


looks very nice but i have 0 idea what this is or if i was supposed to be hyped for it.


They might have forgotten marketing. All they had for years was the website I think.

It’s kind like of like if Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery and Hyper Light Drifter had a baby?



Went to my first Apoc game yesterday. Living the dream, lads.


Dead game walking





Bought a Switch for my gf for Christmas. Kinda bought it for myself also tho because I threw in a real controller and Smash.

Let’s play online in 2019 bruddahs


would like to but i own none of those


I want to get a switch, but I can’t justify it for just smash ultimate.