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Yeah there’s definitely not a lot of games, the shelf at Best Buy had Mario Party, Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart, Smash, Zelda, Wolfenstein II (???) and the rest were Undertale and other indie titles for $30 or less.

Skyrim is being released on Switch apparently but I already have that

Have I made a huge mistake


No, it is important to own every platform on which Skyrim can be played and to own Skyrim on that platform.

Todd Howard holding a gun.

Bottom Text.


Confirmed Switch titles for 2019 release:

Fire Emblem
A Digimon survival game (???)
ToeJam & Earl

We might see Metroid Prime 4 before Japan returns to the sea, who knows


i would say the switch has kind of a small but super quality library. it’s also getting a lot of indie shit not including the stuff it has already like dead cells and binding of isaac. also if your “gf” is a weeb (read: you) there’s a lot of quality weeb games too.


I’ll play smash with you

protip: you can use a gc controller


My car has been sitting for roughly two weeks while a replacement part is stuck in Customs. I cut myself while shaving today. My television won’t turn off and it’s stuck on the Hallmark Channel. I can’t unplug it from the wall. The Police are outside and they want to play charades. A screw fell out of my glasses and now I can’t see. I got a gyro for lunch, but by the time I got home it was wet and cold. The HVAC repairman figured out why my room was always so cold. For 16 years the duct was never connected to the vent so it just blasted air into a crawlspace behind the wall. The Christmas Tree almost fell over because it wasn’t put up straight to begin with, but I wasn’t home to help and now all the ornaments are tied to it. I put two nails in the wall and am keeping it up with twine. My cat is old and sick.

Some of these are true and some these are also true. A couple are false.


I sent the CIA a job application to see if I could get work torturing metaphors, but I have yet to hear back from them


Well obviously not when you use language like that.

You should be enhanced interrogating those metaphors






I suppose this was inevitable.


When’s the last time Scott even worked in an office


i think this is him saying he wants to fuck a robot or something


Haha my perceptions are also so warped that I see relationships through the fractured window of my own ego. Very relatable Scott Adams


When you think about it Scott Adams is actually a genius. This is an incredibly subtle commentary on isolation in modern society published during the holidays, a time of the year where were prone to feeling disconnected. Also, notice how he draws attention to the surreality of our daily existence and the dehumanizing aspects of within everyday niceties.

It’s also an incredibly subtle commentary on the replacement of the American worker by Artificial Intelligence or he may be alluding to living in a simulated reality, ala the Matrix.


If only they gave Scott Adams the whole page, or better yet the entire comic section, so that we may live in a more enlightened society free of the tyranny of Rose is Rose.


merry christmas eve assholes


Merry Christmas le eat cheese

Merry Christmas you shitposters


Actually, Christmas is tomorrow.


Christmas starts in October actually, the 25th is Christmas End