Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Is this tim and eric


The audacity of this blows my fucking mind.



just a massive fucking lol


the whole video feels like he read the “saying weird pervert shit for dummies: disgraced actor/pedophile edition”


“I got a frank for you right here buddy” -kevin spacey to a passed out teenage boy


Honestly I don’t know if the video and the charges were supposed to coincide, or if the DA had the charges ready to file and waited until that video dropped to make Spacey look like the absolute sex pervert he probably is


merry christmas





now that’s EPIC


Highlight of my Christmas tbh


The company that makes Fortnite made a $3B profit this year.

Economists are now predicting that by 2022, the USA will have transitioned to a fully Fortnite based economy.



god willing we won’t make it past 2020


Smash Ultimate is p.gud folks


i wanna buy it but i feel like i will get teh shit kicked out of me by 12 year olds


It’s frustrating how many fucking items there are and half of them are game-breaking

But the adventure mode is v.good and shows if you’re willing to dive into the rulesets you can make some really fun brawls without all the bullshit items

E: Yes, this is the secret to enjoying Smash as a game of skill instead of a game of rolling RNGesus for the best summons who do all the work: Disable the fucking bug jar. It’s literally cancer.


I never have items in games when I play online


where my hollow flesh vessels @