Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Finally unlocked my classic main, Captain Falcon. The game really opens up when you have a good feel on a character. Was playing Pac Man before but he’s all distance game whereas Captain is all about throwing people around with pure aggression. It’s way fun.


If I only buy smash is the switch worth owning?
Not a joke question.


The only switch I want to smash is to my electric chair.


Correction: The correct term is massage chair. We here at Doink LLC regret this shocking error and have fried those responsible for it.


Ehhhhhhhhhhh no I guess not. If you can wait a year to get a used/refurbished unit then do that. I’m planning on getting a few more games when I’m not flat broke but if all you want is Smash you might as well get a refurbished Wii-U.




there’s a lot of really great games besides smash

i also use the handheld mode way more than i thought i would


Happy new year you cucks



Fuck you beat me to it


By like seven hours, in my case. But still.

TFW when dril is beaten in the contest for best dril tweet of 2018


My predictions for 2019:

  • Shaft is movie of the year
  • Corporations will exploit “furry sub-culture” for commercial gain - year of the furry
  • The yearly attempt to summon demons in the Nevada desert through human sacrifice, Burning Man, will be shut down by a Federal task force led by Jeff Sessions. The events of that day will later be made into a movie called Hippie Massacre directed by Neil Breen.


Got kid-nabbed in Germany and am somewhere in a whore house Romania being rented out to rich foreigners. Its not so bad, this is my life now. Just wanted to let you guys know I am ok.





I’ve been around the flat earth community for years, but something didn’t add up. This may be the breakthrough I’ve been looking for.


Really makes u think


I am vaping Anarchist blend with the pentagram on it. Odd coincident.


The pentagram tastes like strawberry.