Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


i like my pentagrams to be strawberry flavored


That feel when you realize your car part isn’t getting through Customs during a gobermint schmuckdown.


I love how idiots are getting excited because the government isn’t going to be collecting revenue during the shutdown

It’s like being excited about open heart surgery because you can watch a lot of TV


I assume everyone knows that the money is still due afterwards right? I asking smirkingly.


I think the hope is that the gubbermint is closed forever


Which would be okay if it meant the military and police were furloughed but ofc this isn’t the case


Isn’t it sad that we won’t see a real government shutdown until they smash that nuclear fire like button?


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2020 will feature a J.K. Rowling/McAfee 13 part coming of age gothic cyberpunk romantic mystery thriller.


With a AC/DC sound track and packed full of Demons. Ooohh God yes.


Each part is 666 pages and they all are released in the same year.


Netflix will go down after they film it and release it.


Your God damn right.


TIL if you play BattleTech campaign on ironman and lose a priority mission, the game deletes your whole save file.



da bears got doink’d


Luckily I was in my right mind when I started this campaign, apparently, and I didn’t go Ironman like I usually do. (Recently picked up the old save game and had to check to see if I had.) That feature sounds really cool and like a thing I would like, but I’m fucking awful at this game.

Also, I found out that the old Battletech/MechWarrior game I had fond nostalgic memories of… was actually a different game named MissionForce: CyberStorm. Oops.


The game is frustrating.

The beta was promising. Four mechs v four mechs, both sides with the same c-bill allowance, every tonnage of mech had a purpose, ditto for the pilots.

In campaign / career, though. the only reason not to field the heaviest mechs in your hangar (other than some mechs just being shit) is the initiative system, but that incentive only goes so far and basically you want to be in four assault mechs ASAP.

If you want a good mech tactics game, you’re out of luck. You only ever get four mechs. The enemy often has eight. Sometimes they have turrets too. The maps are so tiny, the weapon ranges so minimal, that everything turns into a slugfest in short order. The evasion system only serves to make the early game annoying. Once you and the enemies have good gunnery skills, light mechs just evaporate as soon as a heavy looks their direction.

If you want a sim of the BattleTech universe periphery in 3025, well you’re also shit out of luck, because instead of mechs as rare relics of a golden age long past slapped together by techs who’ve no idea what they’re doing, you’re just drowning in King Crabs out here in the supposed backwaters of the galaxy. All of them piloted by death wish maniacs who never once consider a withdrawal.

RogueTech tries to remedy some of this, but adds 5,000 layers of additional complexity that turn the game into a remake of the tabletop rules that manages somehow to be even more cumbersome.


There’s really no Combined Arms either as everything is based around Mechs


I still contend that MechCommander (not including the expansion, fuck that cheeseball shit) is the best BT strategy game


MechCommander had tanks, elementals, etc but they basically only ever served as padding between real fights or to make you ragequit after getting critted by a Von Luckner