Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


i got a 14 day trial for tarkov. it’s honestly pretty tight. basically dayz if dayz was a game. survival/looting and shooting with actual character progression. it’s difficult. i got murdered a ton. it’s fucking fun to sneak around in the dark, see some dipshit sprinting around with his tactical flashlight waving around, then activating your AK-47 war dancer spec to dump 30 rounds of 7.62 into his dome. i only played one map of like six or seven i think? seems like the learning curve is stupid steep in terms of just learning where everything is. digging it a ton though.


my back is fucking killing me today


Electric Heating Pads have saved my life on numerous occasions.


they are nice, i took a bath and some tylenol with codeine and one of those helped


Bought 2 TAG HEUER Grand Carrera watches and pepe jeans, Fila jumpers under $100 at the beach. The guy said it was genuine. Yes I know a real TAG Heuer Grand Cerrera costs $3k.


Gave the other to my brother.


smok weed


They wanted to sell me that, I was out off cash.




I like this a lot




Every iteration of Loss gets a little more brilliant which is what makes it exceptional amongst memays



So I already followed Jon Bois on Twitter because he’s a funny guy but his videos on SB Nation are pretty fucking good


Not freezing my balls off is great.


Prison Break is now on Netflix, so I’m rewatching that


Now I just need Lost for the wacky 2000s shows


I’m still mad about LOST tbh.

Also Battlestar.


Yea I’ve never really gotten over it and I don’t have any real desire to rewatch it.

But idk Prison Break that was cool before it got NUTS


Stop watching at the end of season three and never look at it again is unfortunately a pretty common refrain.