Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Don’t u worry baby girl no one wants your spotify free account


It isn’t mine. Friend took the screenshot.

I don’t use Spotify. Spotify is for normies.


How do you meme

Asking for a friend


this new contra points video is taking forever to process for HD.




how is that a nuclear take? it’s just correct


45 fuckin minutes damb


“Okay Jay/Rich this is the rough edit. Insert the final trailer after it’s uploaded this Sunday or Monday (You’ll see the spot for it) This way we can have the reaction video out before everyone else. Our reactions will probably match up to the trailer as these SW trailers are pretty boilerplate and predictable at this point. Remember DO NOT POST THIS anytime before the official release of the trailer. We’ll look really stupid. Also, Rich - a collection agency keeps calling my phone looking for you. They sounded pretty mad. Made some comments about “breaking your legs” - which seemed a little unusual for collections? Your gambling habit hasn’t resurfaced again has it? If so we need to have a talk. DO NOT borrow money from Jimmy “the leg breaker” Malone anymore. Okay, talk with you guys soon. - Mike”

^^ The YouTube description.


i’m excited to watch it.


i like as this series progresses they find more garbage to fill up the room with. like holy shit i don’t know if them buying all the toys for these is somehow better or worse than them already owning all them.


Yeah no fucking shit.

I have since 70 year olds posting shit this year that 15 year old me would have blushed at.


Rich has talked on PreRec about the embarrassment he feels going out to buy all those toys for Nerd Crew.


Well, i bought a second hand desk, it was amazing, leather cover top, side cupboard with holes for computer, cable holes at the back. Looks grand as fuck and with a very small amount of care it would look like a £1,000 desk despite the fact it cost £20.

Got home and measured my doorframes inside as they were narrower and the desk was very wide.

Desk is 70 inchs long by 30 inches wide by 32 inches tall. Inside doorframe is only 27 inches wide.

My dreams have been crushed.


Take off the legs and reassemble?


have you never moved before? just flip it on its side and angle it in.


Get a new office




I think this is the first of Natalie’s videos where I show up in the Patrons list. Also one of her better vids, imo.


i cut her off my patreon list when she kept doing dumb lib centrist shit