Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


btc under 9k and the fucking dipshit autists are LOSING IT and im eating that shit up


/r/buttcoin the best sub on Reddit again.


I’m p happy you introduced us to it a while back


so hungover.

it’s good though i need to not lift today my joints are crying




very happy crypto is falling

fuck all these business majors asking me to spoonfeed them a guide to buying btc


This is the 666th post in the thread




shouldn’t you be denouncing chelsea manning too since she hung out with LITERAL nazis???


I’m like 99% sure it still wouldn’t fit in because it’s taller than it is wide and my corridor in my flat isn’t very much bigger than the door frame.

It basically looked like this:

But not quite as fancy and in much worse condition.


that desk blows

there’s not enough room for your legs


British people have tiny legs


The better to fit within their ever shrinking sphere of influence.


yfw i’ve partied at peen state


yfw all these dipshit white kids with no personality reguirtating sound bites about “brotherhood” and “connections” which is just code for alcohol and club sanctioned date rape.


oh cafe 210. i’ve gotten shitfaced at that place a bunch.


thanks for reading my blog and going on this journey of a 6 minute vice video about frats with me


White people suck.


Did you go to penn state, or just get diddled a lot by the football coach?