Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


had a bunch of friends that went there. used to drive down and party with them.


Did you ever pull a Sandusky?


heck no. the closest i got to geting laid while i was there i got cock blocked in a bar by a girl’s fat friend. i’m still SALTY about it to this day.


If you guys were better memers you would have all bought into garlicoin last month. 2 bad u missed it


A Sandusky is where you hit the showers with your boys and your best boy films you all shotgunning beers


elon musk :puke:



I finally got around to playing Mass Effect Andromeda and so far its not that bad. Seems like they fixed the facial animations mostly.

The worst part is inventory management and not being able to swap weapons/mods on the fly


Been playing some Railway Empire lately. Like it a bunch. Surprised I never played a train tycoon game before. If nothing else, it scores me some nostalgia points. Was crazy into trains for a long stretch of childhood.




last night someone I’ve never met told me he sees me at the gym all the time and his nickname for me is “strong nerd”


Y-you too



thats a good nickname


So me and some friends bought tickets to go see Blade Runner as performed by Secret Cinema.

These are a bunch of crazy guys in the UK who put on a film screening but before hand they have created a whole area for you to basically wander around and interact with people.

Magni (for those of you who remember him) went to see Mulan Rouge with his missus. He had to dress as an inventor and had to bring invention plans with him and stuff.

The catch is the price, fucking £84 a ticket. Yet this shit sells out for several months the moment its advertised. London is one crazy place.


that sounds really cool

show up soaking wet in tight underwear


They assign you character roles and i have all four tickets, so i am hoping one of them is pleasure bot so i can assign it to a male friend and tell him to buy a see through trenchcoat


nice state leetcheese


I am on twitter now

Follow me you cowards