Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0




They’re just finishing what the British started


kinda wish the british could come finish the job tbh


We don’t have the budget to burn down cities any more. The closest we can give you is a strongly worded scathing letter.


yeah zenki they can’t even break apart their country on their own. britain is still #2 usa




the most philly thing, a guy proposing to a woman drinking a 40 of OE while out on the streets celebrating a sportsball victory


Oh yeah? Can’t break apart our own country? We’ll fucking show you pal!



Man. That solo trailer. That movie is 100% going to be flaming dogshit.


it’s going to be an awful cashgrab and I’m going to watch it on netflix in November


Emilia Clarke tho


only redeemable part so far


here’s my hot take: she’s not that great of an actress and has been riding her GOT fame to get super mediocre roles that don’t do well at the box office. either she’s got reps who sucked the right dick to get her the GOT role or she just managed to get lucky one time.


My hot take is that it’s not hard enough to be a good enough actor for a series of novels that includes the line “He walked across the square as if he had a dagger up his butt”



i can hear the acting coach from here


also that’s a super big slight to donald glover because he’s fucking fantastic. he’s the only thing in this movie i want to see.


am i more or less woke because i care more about the black male actor than i do the white female actress???