Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


i just gotta wonder what the original film was like vs the 90% disney ron howard reshoots we’re getting


time to get my notepad out and watch this again



Testify Brother!

waves arms back and forth


Same tbh fam


i 100% thought this was real at first because i have so LITTLE expectations for this shitty film.


also this better be in the movie or i will fricken FLIP out



dunkey uses this in his videos sometimes and im always cracking up


Your Honor, I plead not guilty to the charge of commercial sexual abuse of a minor because I did not pay her for sex, I paid her for her time,


Hey leetcheese and other Zulu richies

Get ready to buy the market dip with those fat stacks you have just for this instance.


Ladies and gentlemen, the DOW has been solved.




As mentioned in the bail hearing, the alleged victim accused Cliffe of filming their final sexual encounter without her consent. Monday’s statement noted what she told investigators happened after that encounter: in a car ride back to her neighborhood, the alleged victim mentioned the potential illegality of their arrangement (to which Cliffe allegedly “countered that it was technically legal as he was paying her for her time”).



It’s funny because while “paying her for her time” is a laughably ineffectual counterargument to solicitation of sex with a minor, it is the legal excuse that under girds the whole “arrangement” scene. Sugar daddies pay for company, which just so happens to include sex, etc.


Ironically the Sugar Daddy thing works under the pretense that you’re paying for companionship, which does not include sex; in theory, the sex part is free, or more accurately, complimentary.

Obviously it’s a bit disingenuous to claim that sugar daddies aren’t seeking sex (or that sex happens coincidentally) but this is the legal foundation, anyway.



didnt have enough labeled things so i labeled more things


now I get it


You forgot to label the parachute “TAX BREAK”


oh sure, you defacing Ben Garrison’s work is just going to make him be even more of a nazi now.

You didn’t think this through did you?