Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0



Pittsburgh is shit and penguins are crap birds.


lmao owned kid


Plenty of season left for Blues to lock in that playoff spot. And the Hawks are dead last in the division (or whatever). So far as hockey goes, things are pretty great overall.


being sick fucking blows


This is a season where an expansion team is first in the West so not sure you can really predict much.

I have not paid any attention but can someone how has explain how the Vegas team has 76 points. Like seriously wtf is going on?


I don’t know the answer, but I’m sure it involves a crossroads.



the vegas shooter was actually practicing an ancient druid rite and sacrificed all those souls to get the raiders and a good hockey team


poor taste aside, no one really knows. that team is defying every expectation. on paper they’re nothing special but in practice it’s the perfect storm of old guard experience with no-name new blood all trying to make a name for themselves.


how quickly will the flu kill me if I’m not getting better yet


This year it is a solid 2 weeks of feeling like shit.

Sorry bud.


i had it for 3+ weeks


I got my flu shot.

Boy, that was hard.


implying that matters


Course it doesn’t http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/372480-trump-evangelical-adviser-jesus-himself-gave-us-the-flu-shot


Friends want me to play 40K again. Think I’m gonna play 40k again.


Playing my Ork character in our Rogue Trader game was probably the most fun I had in a RP game in years.


I bought the basic book Xenos 1 intending to play the DrewCareys, but so far I’ve only played the murder clowns. Looking like I’ll be taking those colorful bastards out again this weekend. Will be done entirely via proxies, but I might actually shell out for the shit if I keep having fun with it.

Harlequins have a ridiculously thin roster (they have just eight units: 2 HQs, 2 Elites, 1 troop, 1 fast attack, 1 transport, 1 heavy support), but the nice thing is they almost all have the same stats, so there’s very little one needs to remember. They’ve all got the same S/T, all with 4+ invuln, and the Harlequin special rule is basically “You can move wherever you want, whenever you want, and you can safely ignore the usual red tape” so they so far seem to be very new player friendly.


omg dont play mini shooty mans