Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


leetcheese has been playing it a bunch. looks like indieshit to me. i’ve heard good things though.


its fun


I like it



kumail living the american dream



I’m in Oakland fam


the good side of the bay


Also the side with the worst Vietnamese food

I’ve never tasted anything so aggressively overcooked and underseasoned in my life


go here


I’m back in Australia
Back to work
Back to being gay.


Later on the GF got food poisoning from a shawarma food truck so now I’m sleep deprived and planning my next airbnb in oakland for april help




the new game from the FTL guys, Into The Breach, is coming out tomorrow. gonna be 15 dollars at launch. pretty excited for it. it’s basically Pacific Rim THE GAME, ie. big ass robots punching monsters in a turn based environment.


tfw max headroom appears in altered carbon


this has awakened something in me



I think I have officially taken up The Hobby™. Playing against some friends this weekend in some Floorhammer. Got enough models now to field an army on my own and it’s almost WYSIWYG to boot. Knowing how much Kitchner disapproves of all this makes it that much sweeter.


I just feel if youre going to blow that much money on a hobby you might as well have cocaine abuse as a hobby, at least that’s cool.