Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0




kill me





Lol is that from these new forums? I like the big brother nanny state vibe


everyone should have most of their posts in the twitterbook thread that’s the point


this is what the left really wants



This was a good Contra vid


From the Stellaris thread, yeah.

I’ve also gotten “Are you sure you want to doublepost?” and “you can’t post again so soon” nannyshit.

tl;dr Leetcheese is a cryptofascist


Never stop posting Ingen


damn even i haven’t gotten that before. what’s that say about you when you’re posting MORE than i am?


It’s the classic tale, oldtypes and newtypes. You might’ve been top shit once, but you just can’t cut it anymore, Yazan.


ingen i don’t say this enough but you’re a really cool dude.


Not even in the anime thread?


uhh i don’t know where to put this but it’s a short on one of my favorite comics and its creator


i would like to also hit you with this good tweet


eat my ass its some default bullshit i haven’t been bothered to figure out



Real question boys
Would you jack off over an unconcious Rei?