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I suddenly decided that my LG 55 needed to be on the wall. To much crap on the dresser.

Looks and feels classy. You can see the canon printer open and part of my sound system. PS4 pro lurks there to.


This canon printer is a oddedy. The printers with 50,51,52,53 are trash with 2 cartridges, 1 black and 1 color. They would last 2 years at most. Then comes the 5400 types with 5 cartridges, 1 big black and 1 normal black. The bigger one is for text, it has a different ink, larger particles, the text pops up. They have wifi, scanner and everything and seem to last forever, cleaning the head is child play on it.

Mine is 5450, strangely its not on the canon home page for legacy drivers and such, very few revues and even fewer youtube vids are in existent. I had to use the 5422 drivers on mine as its like mine is some errant child that canon refuses to acknowledge is his. 12 hours tok to soak and clean the printer head. Its like new. Its 5 years old.


My friend that gave it to me bought it for $4 in a goodwill shop.


looks nice


you should get some wall shelving for the games and possibly ps4

or get a new stand with better storage

also those plastic shells you put on the wall to cover the cords can look great: https://www.amazon.com/Cable-Concealer-Wall-Cover-Raceway/dp/B01JKO8724


billy herrington died.


satan now has a stronger army



Is he the guy from the “fuck you’re thick” meme



my youtube playlist for a bunch of these has been decimated. rip him and my playlist!!!


He will never be forgotten.



Oh neat we have a japan emoji


I thought it was :sunrise:


Well when I woke up, the printer head on the paper leak out a lot of ink. So another 12 hour cleaning for me. I dont do things half ass, I want it pristine. Also I have a printer Guru now, Jtoolman aka Jose Rodriguez. He says the are only 2 printers that are Kings of printing. Epson and Canon. Canon prints better with a printer head you can service yourself (The Epson heads are none removable and if they fail, you usually have to tosh the thing and buy a new one). Epson has one thing in its favor tho, it can print huge long panorama pics, like 10 feet long or more. He has convince me that I need to become a pro. So I have decided when I gather the founds I am going for the Canon pro 1. Its not made anymore but you find one online around $400.

Inks for it can be found here.


Dont click if you are not a printer nerd.

The Canon PIXMA Pro-1 Digital inkjet printer allows you to print your photos and even fine art with exquisite detail. This printer is made with the working professional photographer in mind. The Canon PIXMA Pro-1 is targeted towards users of digital single-lens reflex cameras, such as the Canon EOS 60D, 7D, and 1D. The print head on the Canon PIXMA Pro-1 features 12288 nozzles compared with the 7680 nozzles on previous Canon printers. This print head offers an expanded ink color gamut and printing speeds than were previously available. The PIXMA Pro-1 boasts 12 pigment-based inks/colors from the LUCIA family – including five monochrome inks: matte black, photo black, dark gray, gray, and light gray. In addition to these darker inks, the Canon PIXMA Pro-1 includes cyan, photo cyan, magenta, photo magenta, yellow, red, and the special Chroma Optimizer. The printer incorporates both USB and Ethernet wired connections – wireless printing is also an option with an external adapter. The printer also has a USB socket at the front, for those who may want to print directly from a camera. In terms of speed, The Canon PIXMA Pro-1 improves significantly on the Pro 9500’s printing time. Where the Pro 9500 and previous printers printed in approximately 7:55, the PIXMA Pro-1 prints a 13-inch by 19-inch print in just 2:55. Front panels enable easy access to these with a single button. The Canon PIXMA Pro-1 also has the capacity to print direct to CD and DVD. ICC profiles ensure that contrast range and color saturation look the same regardless of paper type. These profiles allow for more managed workflows and help ensure your prints match the images you see on your camera’s monitor. With ICCs, there’s no need to manually adjust channels in Adobe Photoshop—the printer and its drivers do the work for you. This printer allows for printing professional lab-quality photos as well as professional quality black and white prints. With print resolution up to 4800x2800 dpi, and ink droplets as small as 4 picoliters, your photography is produced with all of the detail and results of high-end professional photo labs. For black and white photos, you have the five monochrome inks, as well as Chroma Optimizer, which provides a clear coat that enhances the uniform glossiness of the paper, and increases the black density, for truer, richer blacks. Also worth noting is that there is no manual swappinag of black ink cartridges required, which saves both time and ink. Previous models required manual switching of black ink cartridges – a time-consuming process that often results in ink loss. In terms of capacity, the Canon PIXMA PRO-1 Digital Photo Inkjet Printer accepts papers as small as 4 inches by 6 inches and as large as 13 inches by 19 inches in size. The rear paper input tray accepts up to 20 sheets of photo paper. Thicker type paper, up to 350 gsm and 14 inches by 17 inches paper for less standard prints can be manually fed into the printer. The Canon PIXMA PRO -1 is compatible with Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7 and Mac OS X 10.4.11 and higher.


Or I could just not bankrupt myself with ink cost and go for a nice



I get carried away by stuff sometimes, need to wait this autism sperg episode out.



Well, I have googled myself to death, I am over my printer phase. I have a perfectly good printer that I just bought, the Brother one, has a nice scanner as well. Will be interesting if the canon one will print when the ink arrives. The whole thing is retarded. Back to playing WOT I guess.