Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


I can guarantee no one clicked on this don’t worry.




After 2 days of autism googling, I can recommend the TS 9020. Good scanner/printer and has a back loading tray that is crucial for thick glossy photo paper.

At $58 its a bargain.

Now I can rest, I know everything about printers.


So the Shape of Water won Best Picture at the Oscars and Twitter is on fuckin point




it’s still up in the air the what timeline we’re living in


i talked about this vine like two months ago and i found it and i’ve very pleased.


than they think.

‘Long-distance’ sex toys can be operated by people’s partners, using a smartphone as a remote control, from hundreds of miles away.

One website which boasts “feel your partner’s touch in a whole new way” promises its toys are fully encrypted.

But last year the company behind the We-Vibe sex toy was ordered to pay a fine of over £3million after shipping a “smart vibrator” that tracked customers’ usage without their knowledge or consent.

Separately, security researchers also claim they managed to hack their way into a different manufacturer’s sex toy, this time with a camera embedded in the tip.

Shadow science minister Ms Onwurah said there was a gap in the law that should be closed - and it doesn’t just apply to sex toys.


Check out dat law gap


“Shadow science minister”


Wot if… ur vibrator gave u a computer virus??


This isn’t far off from the plot of Snow Crash.


We have a shadow minister for everything. In theory helps keep the government honest, in practice it just makes it easy for the news to know who to ask to say “I disagree with that ever the government just said”


Kitchner, you’re explaining parliamentary opposition to a bunch of people whose idea of an opposition is supporting the governments position because are troops.


did someone say troops???

o7 thank u 4 ur service


Anime 4 troops