Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Reading that, I’m reminded of what Kurt Vonnegut said about semicolons, “Gamers are shit.”


So my left leg had been hurting for two days now and no idea why, I’m fat obviously but I don’t do anything super strenuous so I sort of sure I haven’t pulled something.

Its like an intermittent pain in my shin area, knee, and buttock (ass to you savages) on the left hand side. It’s genuinely impossible for me to sit at my desk at home or work without being in pain occasionally so I’m off to the doctor tomorrow.

If I die just remember you can’t have my stuff.








probably stop being fat



Pinched nerve or a herniated disk



Could be any of those things. As for the fat thing I’ve lost like 17 pounds in 5 months including over Christmas. So I’m getting there slowly, but sustainably I think.




How did you find my thread?


“any local asian gamer girls want to get murdered?”




God speed you Portland creep.




k I’m like 90% sure this guy is just a tremendously creative troll


hes gotta be like that Ken M fella.