Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0






is this the birth of an epic new mene


I’m into it





Man I forgot how ~ visceral ~ John Wick was


I don’t know why, but the footsteps are the part that cracks me up the most.


the muffled spilled my drink destroyed me


this is great


I like how they’re sharing a panel on video games with “Mother from Parents Television Council”



More like:

  • ban goon now, due process later
  • build a wall and make null sec pay for it
  • lower jita market taxes


every day dumber than the rest




the first 25 seconds broke into my home and stabbed me to death


One day long ago, a sorcerer and a warrior did battle, as such things were commonplace in that age. Sometimes the sorcerer won, and the sum value of human abilities was improved some trifling amount. Sometimes the warrior won, and again the human race improved by some insignificant amount, for a sorcerer who can’t defeat one miserable warrior is a poor sorcerer indeed.

Also, got my ink for the Canon 5450. Installed the printerhead and put the ink in. 1 nozzle check, perfect. Printed a pic I had already printed with my Brother one. Perfect, no lines or weird colors. Now I understand why Epson,Canon,HP, etc beat up the Brother printer, toss him around and call him a loser. On highest setting the Brother will make a good print but it takes 15min, on the Canon 1min. So I have a $150 printer now that was bought for $4 in a goodwill shop.


Mind you, I had to soak the Canon printerhead in water for 24 hours before all the ink junk was gone.

Somethings are better ordering from e-bay, like inks. 2 full sets and 4 color sets, 22 ink cartridges, 19,86 pounds. Its actually cheaper then 1 original cartridge here in Iceland.

If this printer dies on me, I will just buy the 7250 one, same head and colors.