Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


Paper and inks I use now. Stynkinks have fast mailing time but are on the tad expensive side. 16 pounds for shipping(5 days) versus 3 pounds(3 weeks)


With the new Brother one it already has clogged once so it needed a deep cleaning circle and it has trouble with black and white pics, weird lines in them. The colors sit on the sides with pipes going to the printerhead and I think I would have to take it all apart to get to it. The colors sit on top of the printerhead in the Canon and you take it out with one lever.


You dare trifle with the printer gods, and now you pay the price.

That will be 1 firstborn please.




free for a limited time if you dont have this spoopy ass game


The canon is spitting out 15 color pics with out any cool down in 10 min, its really comical how the Brother printer takes 15 min with one pic and then takes a 10 min cool down. It has a better scanner tho, 5 years younger, the optical sensor is just better. Still the canon scanner is usable just slower and not as sharp. The canon seems to use less ink/bigger cartridges, 2/3 left on the colors, The big black one for letters is full. Brother would be empty after 15 pics.

Gonna sell the brother to some idiot, I paid $80 for it, should get $60. With 1 set of ink extra will sweeten the deal. Cant print with this shit now.

Now what to do with all the pics, was thinking of just wallpapering one of my walls with them.

Hmm have to print some letters, was thinking Hávamál



Wonder how it will print.

The Words of Odin the High One



Very nice.


It starts printing at back so the pages will be in the right order when picked up. Interesting.


How did we get here


I am in some-kind of printer mania, just ignore me. Just happy with the Canon printer.


this has been a wild fucking ride



GSL R8 tonight and ASL starts tomorrow OH BABY


Finally new starcraft. The RO24 is always funny, seeing the jobbers who lucked their way onto the field go up against alpha predators honed over two decades of peak performance. FlaSh meanwhile is joking about playing protoss. Just another day in the only e-sport that ever mattered or counted.


fite me irl


Third parallel between my daughter’s Fortnight stack and Zulu stack. They only had three so they ended up with some random Chinese kid. They told Avery to say something to him in Chinese.

“I only know how to say ‘You are a problem and are too slow’.”

“Say it!”


It is eerie tbh.