Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


This video is the best thing and I will fight you if you disagree


What is the spliced in dialogue from?

Oh, I think YouTube told me.

It’s an okay video, but I wouldn’t say it’s the best. Have you seen that on of the baby panda sneezing and spooking its mom? Also, there are a lot of great minion videos.


I don’t know but the song at the end is Godspeed You! Black Emperor I think


its all godspeed you plebs


the dialog is from dead flag blues by godspeed


Sorry, I don’t really listen to progrock


it’s nu-metal you pleb



Story of ZuluSquad dot com dot jpg


This is that good good.



@ocrumsprug https://twitter.com/bittathat/status/972200164516614151


Some good shit right there.

You should hear the mean things that get said to me at home. BDD has nothing on a teenager.


sucks to get owned by a teen


Laffo I give as good as I get. She didn’t get good at it from her mother.


you only learn to own by getting owned


parental ownage is the only reason i want kids. between dad jokes and bantz my child will be the ultimate word warrior in the arena of insults.



Dude I would play Tony the Tiger if only because his emote would be THEY’RRRRRRE GRRREAT