Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0



Nurgle has bestowed his blessings upon me this weekend.


Having hella device issues:

Fell asleep watching DS9 last night and my Surface Pro 3 fell and cracked the screen.

Also my Galaxy S7 has been acting up and being slow, requiring restarts, etc.

I don’t really use my laptop for anything but Netflix, so I can live with the cracked screen, get an out-of-warranty replacement (they’ll upgrade me to Surface Pro 4) for $600, or invest in a new Surface Book or MacBook Pro for ~$1500 with the specs I would want. I also have a ~gaming tower~ at my parents’ house that I could ship out, though currently nowhere to put it (moving to a bigger apt soon tho). Or, if the screen is really fucking with me, I can use my work MBP to watch Netflix.

As for the phone, the S9 looks like trash, but I’m not really inspired by the Pixel 2. And if I’m already spending $650, might as well ball out and get the iPhone X, but I kinda wanna hold out for iPhone X v2 in September or something


Thanks for reading my blog


I’m grabbing the S9, everyone seems to like the S8 and it’s basically the same thing but with Oreo


I just got oreo on my v30 and it’s pretty nice

I’m probably gonna get the s9 or s9+ pretty soon. it’s cheaper than the s8 on launch which is nice


also I really want a new laptop but I basically have to wait until I get a real job.

720p is really awful to develop/do anything on


buying a windows computer in current year


The highlight of my weekend has been coming up with this gem



Wait a minute. Hold the fucking phone. Is Sparkle a fucking island map? Is ASL 5 gonna have a fucking island map in the rotation? Forget Kim Jon Un, this is the real craziness going down on the peninsula




so brave


Confirming the only reason I played through Tomb Raider 2 was in the futile hope of seeing some poorly-rendered 3d titties


I just did it to shoot the butler with the bulletproof tray


“amazing atheist guy”

this needs a content warning


You mean a twitter handle with the word “atheist” isn’t automatically a huge red flag?



c i g a w e e d


f u c k