Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0



This reminds me of that guy who tried to kill Ronald Reagan because he was in love with Jodie Foster




legion is back for season 2. tv is good again.


I want to buy xenoblade for the switch

but it’s an anime game and I don’t want to feel shame when people laugh at anime tits and cat girls

also dark souls remaster soon, though it looks like they may fuck it up


dark souls remaster is already confirmed 100% fuck up. looks like nothing new is added, some visual effects are blander, but it does run at 60fps and you can take it on the go. so if that’s all you need definitely go for it.


T-Minus 20 days till BattleTech.




im mostly annoyed that they added an option to disable online play

how am i going to have fun if i can’t abuse my videogames skills to be an sl 20 > darkwraith



this meme format is still good and i am excited to see how it morphs


Apparently the update from home is my daughter is in sweatpants, eating Chinese takeout playing Fortnight.

Re-creation here

Might be sleeping on the couch tonight.


Isn’t your daughter like 12? That’s much too early to be a 20something no life


14 so it is at the start of the no life phase.


Yup, meme’s dead.


mhmm i would say so


yes very dead


Almost there


Also this


Remember when you could meausure the lifetime of a memay in weeks and months

Remember rage comics