Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


lets run this shit into the ground



Remember dogfort?




ok this one is pretty good



this is also good





Hawaii became the sixth state to legalize medically assisted suicide.

As if I needed another reason to visit Hawaii.


My Straight Edge Punk Philosophy:

Be Kind

Respect Yourself

  • No Need For Drugs & Alcohol
  • No Need For Promiscuity

Respect Others

  • No Need To Swear
  • No Need To Yell
  • Dress Respectably


You are a good man Doink, do not let anyone tell you different.


Thank you, but I don’t listen to others.




When the humans were in there greatest need. They prayed to God. When he did not answer, they prayed to a demon. When I answered the call and saved them. They did not know my motives. The bigger plan, to light the world on fire. Burn it to the ground. Somewhere on the way they changed me. The human spirit is endearing. The little buggers did not deserve such a fate.

Here Doink, have this ring. For a innocent simpleton with a pure heart it only makes you invisible. For a demon, it makes you nearly invincible. Powers not meant for humans. So in the American way, the peaceful transition of power is fulfilled.



Neat. Now I have something to spin on the table.


looking at this mall that i spent a lot of time in


twitter has mastered the art of meme consumption to the point where im sick of something within 2 hours of seeing it