Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


yo if you guys aren’t seriously watching atlanta i feel bad for you.




I googled 24 inch Pizza because I thought it was a joke.

I found this guys odd Youtube blog channel.

But this pizza video is art.


i unironically love this country and how it’s a constant dumpster fire. america truly is the gift that keeps on giving.


*high-rise fire




The fire rises


Maybe the fire will trickle down too


In b4 melting steel beam jokes




Someone on the train is reading Jordan Peterson’s latest book.

How embarrassing!

I have seen Japanese men reading hentai in trains and were less embarrassed for them.


Maybe he just wants some helpful advice on keeping his room clean with a helping side of misogyny



I saw someone reading Marx the other day. I had extreme 2nd hand embarrassment for him. Looked like a fat gamer neckbeard who hadn’t showered in 6 days.



You sure you didn’t just see Marx? I hear he stays in a small cuban villa with his life partner Tupac Shakur.


Must have be nuMarx TM

Dude was like 20.

Although maybe they have secret Cuban anti-aging tech


collective youth