Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0



“Window Licker” is a more offensive term than I realized, so I’m going to replace it in my lexicon with “Twitter User”.



6 months ago when I said everything was going to be pubg, I think there was some doubt.

ocrumsprug was right


If there’s one thing the gaming industry knows how to do, it’s to over saturate the market with shitty copies of a pretty mediocre game.


Nicest day of the year. Could not be better conditions for an after work long run. So of course today is the day they wanna stay late for tax shit.


Don’t worry. It’s only very nice out.


im gonna go for a run in a bit yay


dangerously close to fuckin’ nice out

let’s smoke some loud


Can’t go out and run because of taxes.

Taxes are stealing my time.

Taxation = theft. QED


it’s april you should have planned for this


just got back from run

it was perfect out


Well at least I’ve got the weekend.

<< Looks at forecast >>



my cs partner for this interdisciplinary project is rly getting on my nerves

on one hand he does all the dumb formal stuff like forms and I just write all the code

on the other hand he literally can’t use the terminal/doesn’t into ssh/cant set up wifi


yeah enjoy your cold weather rain for the rest of the week





pro gamer tips!!!


oh hey bill hader has a new hbo show that is pretty funny called barry. he plays a hitman who gets caught up in some CRAZY shenanigans with euro trash mobsters. it’s good.