Zulu Squad Twitterbook Thread v2.0


coming to kill u rn


Jokes on you kid if you think you can take on a master of the blade like me.


cant outrun bullet


One word: Blockchain


fortnite is better than pubg


Fartnite is a shit game meant for acoustic kids, real men play pubg!!!11!!one!!1 like if u agree



I know none of you are bad enough dudes to play 40K (and for some reason GW overcharging for models is the one thing to slip past Kitchner’s otherwise impenetrable guard of British indifference), but today GW dropped a rules update, nerfing some units, clarifying a few rules discrepancies, and the salt has been flowing mightily and it is glorious to behold.


I mean I’d play the stupid game if it didn’t cost like $400 just to start



40k is probably more responsible for poverty than bad parenting


Although bad parenting is probably responsible for 40k so it all comes full circle


imagine giving your life pointlessly for something bigger than yourself and having your tombstone be full of dumb gamer nerd shit


Bury me with my Wii.




Not even the void of death can negate this embarrassment



Get partially succ’d



Saw this on the Did You Know… part of Wikipedia’s front page.